An Efficient Operation

We utilize a streamlined five-step process that includes meeting with our customers, collecting the information we need, and building the website. We work hard to follow an aggressive internal timeline that utilizes short sprints to complete each project.

Your time is valuable and we understand that. It is not unusual for us to launch a Basic website within three or four weeks of our initial meeting. Developers with less experience or agencies with larger teams can take three or more months to build and deliver a website.

Our Five Step Process

Step 1

Kick Off

We believe it is important to have a discussion with who we’re working with and understand what is at stake. We can have our meeting over the phone, in person, or using Zoom or FaceTime – whatever is easiest for you.

We will go over your goals and any questions you have, but also ask you a few questions of our own.

Step 2

Content Collection

We will help you write most of the content for the website, but you will get some homework to do, which will include writing some information about yourself and your work.

We’ll also ask for some photos of your work. We can help with that too, as we’re happy to come and snap some photos.

Step 3

Design and Development

The building starts and once it reaches a certain point, we’ll unveil the curtain to the “staging site”, which is what your website will look like, but it is not available to the public.

Step 4

Review and Feedback

After you review the website, you can send along any changes or additions you want to make or give us the green light to get everything in order to complete the website.

Step 5

Site Launch

Once we have everything in place and ready to go, we will push the staging site to the live domain ( and launch your new website!