Some History

We launched our first website in 1998 (view one of our first websites here) using a custom-built PC from Maineland Computer Center in Wells and a 56k dial-up connection from CyberTours out of Kennebunk. With an unwavering interest in the Internet coupled with the desire to help local businesses, Haseltine Design was born. We created websites that worked well, loaded fast, and looked sharp. This methodology would lead to the foundation for which we design and develop websites today.

We approach every new project with a fresh perspective and many years of experience. Whether the project is a new website, a redesign, or maybe just taking over the support of an existing website, we first ensure that we understand your goals and objectives so that we can develop an effective solution.

Clients First

We value our relationships with our clients. Spending time with them to discuss their goals never feels like work and we enjoy connecting with the business owners in our community and beyond. Hearing how our clients started in their line of work and learning about their plans for the future is always fun and interesting.

Our clients are always put first and their requests are attended to quickly. Our customer service roots stem from years of experience in a customer-centric restaurant service setting. Our passion is to help our clients successfully grow their web presence and we have the tools and skills to get it done.